Created in 2008, MArteLabel stems from a 15-year experience in event management in the music sector in Italy. The most significant outputs of our work are the MArteLive Biennials, a set of multidisciplinary events involving 40 locations in and around Rome, with 16 artistic categories, 300 performances and 900 artists involved.

We are pleased to introduce MArteLabel International, our department dedicated to musical import/export, in order to hybrid musical cultures in Italy and beyond.

MArteLabel International takes care of artistic projects throughout Italy, based on the MArteLive System. This solid network is an anchor for professionals from the music sector, offering support for development and implementation of their productions. Our expertises are the following:

1) Italy Tour: comprehensive solution for your tours in Italy
2) Audiences from Italy: promoting festivals beyond the Italian borders
3) The MArteLive Biennials: unique festival involving 900+ artists and 100000 attendance 

1) Italy Tour 
Italy Tour is designed for artists and band managers who want to enter the Italian market and need support to overcome entry barriers of any kind, from language to cultural gap and technical issues in event management and touring.
We offer the following services:
• Retail in record shops and alternative selling points with MArtePoint (shop network in gig venues) and MArteShop (online shop).
• Media coverage and public relations with MArtePress and other partners:
- Promotour: extensive promotion of each of your concerts in Italy, in each particular region, in each particular city 
- Promoradio: relationships with around 100 local and national radios
- Promosocial: web strategies, marketing and distribution on our online channels, especially linked to
•  Tour management including driver, dedicated staff for welcome, logistic solutions and merchandising all along the tour.
•  Artistic secretary and booking. After analyzing project and available tour budget, we offer a comprehensive tour solution, benefiting from the consolidated experience of MArteLive over 15+ years.
•  Video making, including management of official approvals for videoclips in the most beautiful and suggestive locations in Italy.
•  Sound and light / back line rental: timely delivery of professional equipment.

Our strengths:

MArteLabel International has built long-lasting relationships with Embassies from Europe and Mediterranean (France, Scandinavian countries, Turkey...). MarteLabel International can take care of relationships with the institutions from your country of origin.

Our experience:

The most significant Import experience was realized in 2014 during the MArteLive Biennial, in close collaboration with Embassies, Cultural Institutes and Academies from France, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland and Austria. Called "Twinning", the event consisted in a pairing between artistic creations from Scandinavian Countries and Italy. This bold, hybrid form of artistic collaboration on electronic music experiments led to unprecedented performances, mixing the north-european vision of pop art and a shared desire for gathering audiences at the disruption points of musical creation.

We are available for discussing artistic collaborations, as we are currently deepening our partnership proposals with the aforementioned embassies in Rome, in the framework of the 2016 MArteLive Biennial which will take place on Nov 10th to 15th, 2016.

2) Audiences from Italy: reach Italian publics

The service “Audience from Italy” is intended for international festivals which are willing to expand their communication in Italy in order to create and develop audience flows from Italy towards their event.

Promotion campaigns all over Italy

MArtePress ( takes care of communication through tailor-made strategies for you event. We involve all the relevant press bodies, from local to national-wide groups. The service can include the help of fine-tuned communication campaigns on italian social networks.

PromoFestival e Contest

Pre-order campaigns and promotion packages (travel + tickets)

MArteticket offers a competitive online ticket management tool; ready-to-use, fast and economical, through which we organize promotional ticket sales campaigns and transportation  (travel and accomodation in collaboration with our partner abroad) (Ticketing)

3) The MArteLive Biennial: Musical contests, workshops and other events related to the festival

For more than 15 years, MArteLabel has organized an Italy-wide contest: "One stage for all" which gathers on average 1500 bands and artists from all creative horizons. In the past we organized a spin-off of our contest in partnership with brands or international events such as The Sziget festival in Budapest. Our contest is a useful vehicle for committing musical talents in a common project which gives life to a virtuous circle of opportunities and communication.

"One stage for all" is a permanent selection which precedes the main MArteLive Biennial event.
our main strength is our constant presence on the whole Italian territory.


Let's talk it over

Working with MArteLabel International is synonym of reliability. The first collaborations will pave the way to long-lasting exchanges with the MArteLive Biennial. Feel free to contact us!

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